America 2020

By the time this is publicly circulated, there will have been countless more articles, posts, images and live broadcasts circulated around the state of our nation. I admit there is a part of me that hopes no eyes come across this out of concern that opinions will clash, feelings will be hurt and more chaos will unravel. But another part of me is in unrest. Welled up with a bottomless pit of sorrow for the condition we are in as a planet and desperate to speak of hope.

When God fashioned humanity…it was good. In His own image He created them; male and female He created them and it was good. But we have strayed so far from this truth and have taken for granted one of the most precious gifts given to us; life. The most recent tragedies of death and destruction are sadly not uncommon. Chaos, corruption and evil of all sorts are unfortunately often accepted and a very reality of our lives. We have yet to come face to face with the wickedness of our own hearts and the evil we are capable of, much less humbly accept the fact that we are a broken people in need of a savior. But we cannot fix our broken and corrupt nature any more than a broken cup of pottery can mend itself. Time and again we prove this to be true.

When I think of the inhumane murder of George Floyd, I’m reminded of our sinful and corrupt nature. When I see the response of people in protest (peaceably or not) I see hurt, fear and mass confusion. There is an ever present evil that is seeking to destroy the very fabric of our society and the apple of God’s eye. We have been fooled to turn on one another over political lines, colors of skin and accents. We have become the collateral damage from a war that is older than humanity itself, yet we continue to march into the line of fire.

Murder is an abomination, opportunistic looters are atrocious and mass media that cherry picks content to pump fear and panic into our world is corrupt. But being reminded of this leaves us to question what we do now. Do we cry out injustice, yet commit injustice behind closed doors? Do we stand and watch silently when someone wrongs another or do we speak up? Do we only call out evil when it goes with popular opinion or do we stand for truth regardless of who agrees? This is a time for us to repent for being silent for so long. It is also a time for us to forgive. It is a time to heal and not to destroy. It a time to come together to seek restoration and not allow ourselves to be driven into further division. We didn’t get here overnight and we won’t get to where we need to overnight either. But humanity has been groaning in pain for long enough and it’s time for a change. That time is now.

I believe it starts with educating ourselves and those in our homes. It starts with admitting that racism still exists, that hatred is wrong and that it is ok to talk about these topics. We must be doers of the good we profess to believe in and not simply voice it when a tragedy unfolds. We cannot continue to ignore the fact that although we all bleed red, our society has created some roads more treacherous than others and by default, some are placed at those starting positions. But we can become better than we were. We can turn uncomfortable conversation into actionable change and we can return humanity to what it was always meant to be…good.

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